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Malin Rapp

About Malin Rapp

Malin Rapp, Sweden’s Speaker of the Year 2023, inspires leaders and employees in Sweden and globally to create learning, sustainable and responsible cultures through self-leadership.

Malin helps companies and organizations create learning cultures that make people grow in a common direction. She provides thought-provoking perspectives on how we can better lead ourselves, and each other, to create thriving teams – in good times and bad. It is about the ability to handle change and uncertainty, and at the same time maintain joy, development and energy. Malin shows how we, both as individuals and as a team, can actively choose to think differently to increase our self-leadership, cooperation and well-being to create better results together.

With her background as a professional extreme athlete with a WC title in snowkite and her academic background in cognitive neuroscience and motivational research, Malin Rapp has a unique ability to bridge research to practical reality. She leads courses at the Stockholm School of Economics, has lectured at Harvard and in collaboration with researchers at the Karolinska Institutet, she has produced measurable results on methods and efforts. Malin Rapp’s ability to share concrete tools for increased commitment, cooperation levels and job satisfaction in an inspiring way makes her a constantly recurring lecturer with clients such as Spotify, Ericsson, Google, Mastercard, SIDA and Storytel. Nevertheless, expert assignments in TV4 morning sofa, SVT morning studio, SVD and DN.

Malin rapp

After a riveting voting process, the audience answer was clear. The Speaker of the Year 2023 is no one other than Malin.

What Malins customers say

Malin's ability to quickly understand our needs and to help customize the program to obtain relevant outcomes by connecting it to our core values and purpose was diligently handled. Her ability to come up with strategic mindset to help propel leaders in their career journey is commendable.

Chaitra Krishnaiah,
HR partner at Ericsson

Malin was a really inspiring speaker and shared her knowledge on team-building and how we can create a better community with trust. Her ability to share perspectives on research and incorporate her own experiences gave a personal touch to the lecture and made it even more inspiring.

Anna Gedda,
Head of Sustainability at H&M

Malin is a fantastic inspiration and positive force. I have, in collaboration with Malin and Self Leaders, explored how to connect to self-leadership as a part of Lindex culture. Malin was a great sounding board during our journey. I've had the honor to see her speak in action – it leaves no one unimpressed.

Karin Asplind,
HR Strategy Specialist at Lindex

Featured Lectures

Lecture on CULTURE AND learning

Creating a learning culture, together!

Trust in teams is essential to a thriving and collaborative culture that drives innovation. Studies from Harvard show that trusting teams have 74% lower stress levels, 50% higher productivity and 70% higher engagement compared to teams that lack trust. Not actively strengthening trust in teams risks a threatening culture of silence where employees hold back, avoid challenges, do not contribute ideas and speak up when something is wrong. When Google sought answers to what contributes to their highest performing teams, Google’s People Analytics found in their study called “Project Aristotle” that psychological safety is the most reliable and decisive factor for a high performing team. Organizational research has further identified psychological safety as a critical factor in understanding what drives collaboration, growth and early identification of risks. Distinctive in teams with high psychological security are its positive effects and enabling rapid adaptation to changes such as new market conditions, customer demands and internal organizational changes.

In the lecture with Malin Rapp, you will get thought-provoking content about how you as a leader and team create psychological security and learning, how you can manage to see opportunities, help each other and take responsibility in changing and challenging situations. You as a participant also try concrete exercises and approaches to increase psychological security, learning and behavioral change in the team and the entire culture.

The lecture deals with areas and questions such as:

  • What is psychological safety and why is it important in times of change and uncertainty?
  • Self-leadership is a prerequisite for creating trusting and safe teams, how do we build it?
  • How do we quickly strengthen psychological safety through self-leadership in new and old teams?
  • What is the responsibility of leaders vs employees and what can I do based on my role to contribute to a learning culture?
  • Concrete tools to quickly create psychological safety within and between teams

Popular lecture for the whole company

Energize and Boost the Team

Empowering the team and strengthening the culture when adapting to remote and uncertain changes is crucial. Amid these work-related shifts, it’s essential to boost and support each other. As a team, it’s about finding ways to recognize everyone, celebrate common goals, encourage self-direction, and focus on each team member’s strengths. 

This engaging talk gives thoughtful perspectives on how to better organize as a team and get more energy. The participants will get useful tools and insights that will boost their energy levels and team spirit.

Lecture on Post-Pandemic Leadership

Hybrid work, how do we lead and collaborate?

How can we as an organization live our values, and thrive in our culture when our employees are working remote and on-site? As a leader, it’s important to be flexible, build a culture of trust, set clear expectations, and focus on inclusion when leading a hybrid workplace.

Stepping out of the comfort zone

Leading With A Growth Mindset

Much has been put on the line for both employers and employees – increased uncertainty and faster changes, both financially and technologically. Many are wondering how it will go. Some find a more stressful situation at work when the work teams shrink on notice, others feel threatened by the rapid AI development that we have seen not least through the advent of ChatGPT. One thing we know – that it is absolutely crucial that we ourselves change and adapt to our new reality in order to maintain our relevance, feel good and master uncertain times. Self Leaders who have supported and helped organizations for 15 years have identified common keys from the research and in the companies and employees who master change and come out of tough times as winners!

What distinguishes companies, teams and individuals who have a good ability to handle unforeseen changes from others is that they have a learning approach, what is referred to as the English Growth Mindset. Those with a Growth Mindset focus on what they can influence and see new situations as an opportunity to learn something new. They try to find new solutions, persevere when it feels difficult, take help from each other and choose to see setbacks as part of the learning process. The prerequisite for getting individuals to develop and maintain a Growth Mindset, which means that the team as a whole can adapt more quickly to the changes in the outside world and the internal changes they bring, is that the workplace has a high level of security, openness and trust. For these reasons, a Growth Mindset and psychological security should become companies and leaders’ most prioritized issue in times like these when the company culture and employee motivation to change are absolutely crucial.

During the lecture, Malin provides thought-provoking perspectives and concrete tools for you as a leader to strengthen your own and your colleagues’ learning and opportunity thinking in uncertain times, and ensure that your team does not stagnate but rather grows and continues to accept challenges and achieve results despite uncertain times.

The lecture deals with areas and questions such as:

  • What does the research say about Growth Mindset?
  • Fixed Mindset – vs – Growth Mindset?
  • How do different mindsets affect our behavior, mental health and ultimately our results?
  • How can we develop more persistence, initiative and motivation for change in our team?
  • What are the success factors of a high-performing team that dares to take on challenges and quickly adapts to new circumstances and market needs?

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