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Our expertise

We are experts in digitally facilitating large-scale self-leadership programs.

At Self Leaders, we specialize in creating a strong culture where everyone sees themselves as a leader. We believe that leadership develops in many different contexts, starting within yourself! Reflecting on personal values, seeking other perspectives, and activating yourself are all necessary for cultivating a better sense of self, which will allow you to influence others in a positive, shared direction. 

We are passionate about people and organizations, offering the competence and necessary tools to bridge individuals’ personal values and align them with the company’s shared vision. Our customized self-leadership programs are created with the intention of helping our clients grow as individuals, co-workers, and a united organization. The programs and tools are available on our digital platform, enabling people to remotely participate in our experience-based training sessions.

Two logos of Self Leaders Awards 2019
Awarded by a Swedish business magazine as "Super business of 2019" & by DI Gasell 2019
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Two logos of Self Leaders Awards 2019

Awarded by a Swedish business magazine as "Super business of 2019" & by DI Gasell 2019.

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Working with clients

Over the years, we have worked with major companies in the private and public sectors.

Self Leaders at Leaders Alliance event

We have supported local and global businesses with anywhere from 100 to 20,000 employees across a variety of industries including media, finance, retail, and tech. In our collaborations, we help our clients create conditions to lead with a clear purpose, a passionate heart, and a strong ability to navigate highly complex situations. Together with our clients, we work to define and explore values and strengths in order to increase employee motivation, development, and growth and create long-term profitability in organizations.

Self Leaders at Leaders Alliance event

Client reviews

"I will release self-leadership in business – for good."

Head of Leadership & Organizational Development
"I just want to say that this training is the best I have participated in, very rewarding."
Sales Manager
If insurance
"Who should do the self-leadership program? Everyone!"​

Leadership developer

Academic Institutions

The roots of Self Leaders are embedded in higher education institutions.

SSE School Photography
Stockholm School of Economics @ Copyright Juliana Wiklund

It all started back in 2009 when we initiated the first self-leadership 881 Skills Seminars at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Since then, these high-ranking and popular seminars have been held every term for a selected group of SSE students. The skills seminars are based on the latest research in developmental and motivational psychology and are designed to give students useful tools and knowledge of how to better lead themselves and others in today’s complex world. 

Self Leaders also collaborates with higher education institutions around the world. Together with MindShift, we have been working with scientists at Harvard University and have appeared as guest lecturers on the theme of self-leadership.

SSE School Photography
Stockholm School of Economics @ Copyright Juliana Wiklund


We specialize in digital workshops and events.

Workshop on Zoom

What’s unique about our events? We offer a high level of interactivity as well as the opportunity to connect with other HR professionals and top managers through experience-based workshops, while getting brand-new insights and useful tools. Our events are mainly based on the theme, “Lead Yourself and Others”, and are facilitated in both English and Swedish. During our session, we will talk about the latest research on leadership, culture, and motivation, hold inspiring discussions, and introduce our digital self-leadership tools.

Workshop on Zoom

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