Our speaker

Julija Blomqvist

Julija Blomqvist

Our speaker Julija

Julija is an inspirational speaker, facilitator and leadership developer with over 15 years of experience in leadership, HR and project management. Having previous experience from the entertainment industry, Julija has a natural skill to boost her lectures with an extra level of energy, perceptiveness and professionalism. All of which gives her lectures high customer satisfaction!

Featured themes
  • How to develop a strong self-leadership on an individual and organizational level.
  • Increase well-being and reduce stress in your team.
  • How to create a trust-based and collaborative culture.
Our speaker Julija

What Julijas customers say

As a speaker, Julija is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and incredibly professional. Her lectures have that extra boost that makes it memorable!

Anna-Karin Holmer, Head of HR at Naturskyddsföreningen

Julija was lecturing in a safe and professional way! Her energy and commitment for the topic of self-leadership was very inspiring.

Malin Sternefors, HR-specialist at LRF

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