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At Self Leaders, we offer tailored training courses focusing on self-leadership to create strong, proactive and healthy company cultures. Our self-leadership programmes are designed according to the latest research and provide your organisation with tools that clarify the links between employees’ personal values and motivation with the shared vision and direction of the company.

Accessible for all

Our training structure and tools enable leaders to connect and participate remotely.

Hands-on tools

We provide concrete and easy-to-use tools that are research-based and highly effective.

Time efficient

Time-efficient trainings with shorter follow-ups, microlearning and check-ins.


Take advantage of our methodology validated by researchers at Harvard University and Karolinska Institutet.

Organizational Growth

We equip leaders and employees with new skills, methods and mindsets that create sustainable, long-term growth.

What does self-leadership mean?

Self-leadership is a concept that has long been used extensively by organisations and leaders alike, but is perhaps more relevant than ever in the wake of major and rapid societal changes that have led to increased uncertainty for many people. Self-leadership broadly refers to tools and methods that help employees take greater responsibility for their work and development. At the same time, it creates opportunities for you as an individual to influence your direction in life and achieve your goals, both at work and in your private life.

The importance of successful and active self-leadership cannot be overemphasised in building strong corporate cultures with engaged employees and empowered leaders. But what does active self-leadership actually mean in practice? There are many interpretations of the concept, but mainly two different perspectives are discussed:

Self-leadership – The individual perspective

From an individual point of view, the focus is on what you as an individual can do to understand yourself and your actions in depth. Using self-insight, you explore your inner needs, what you want to achieve and why, and how to create the motivation to get there. Once you feel confident about what you want to achieve, you can set your own goals to help you ‘lead yourself’. In other words, these insights help you create the conditions for developing your own self-leadership.

Self-leadership – The organisational perspective

An organisational perspective on self-leadership is about how you as a leader can create conditions for your employees to be able to lead themselves, which is also called co-leadership. It is mainly about reviewing and analysing the organisational structure and culture and identifying possible barriers to self-leadership. Examining things like work and decision-making processes, values or how goals are set in the company can lead to insights that will help you create a working environment where active employee leadership can flourish.

Why self-leadership training?

Self-leadership training will benefit you as a leader, your employees and your company in the long run. By acquiring tools that promote active employee leadership and self-leadership, you will strengthen your employees’ commitment, motivation and ability to work together. This will in turn increase the competitiveness and performance of your organisation, your employees and yourself.

Research also shows that self-leadership leads to increased well-being and job satisfaction in the workplace. A study conducted by Self Leaders together with Stockholm University and Karolinska Institutet, concluded exactly that. It found that employees who actively practice self-leadership are better at making sustainable decisions, collaborating with others and managing uncertainty. As a result, they became better at managing stress, felt better and were consequently able to perform better. 

Would you also like to learn about how you can actively practice self-leadership in your workplace? Effective employee leadership requires committed leaders who steer through clearly articulated values and goals. Book a training session with Self Leaders today, and we’ll help you and your organisation develop methods for effective self-leadership.

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At Self Leaders, all self-leadership programmes are tailored to your organisation’s needs. You can choose between in-office training where we come and visit you at your workplace, or a digital approach where the training is delivered remotely. 

To book a self-leadership training course with us at Self Leaders, fill in the form below and tell us how we can help you work with self-leadership in your organisation.

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