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The Values tree reflection

Tools and Method

Since the start of Self Leaders, this technique has been central to our methodology and approach on supporting individual and organizational transformation. The process of the Values Tree reflection is simple: Each participant builds their own digital Values Tree by selecting different types of values. The purpose of this reflection is to define your personal values, which will help you understand your own motivation and how to lead yourself. To date, our revolutionary tool has been used by more than 60,000 employees, managers, and students.

Finished with creating a values tree mobile view
Values Tree in a ipad pro view

Values in action


In this particular module, participants are offered the necessary tools and knowledge to activate a values-driven mindset in everyday life and the workplace. On an individual level, participants will work on improving self-awareness skills and get clarity on their personal values. On a team level, we will create, enhance, or anchor the organization’s values, and we’ll reflect on the culture we all desire to reach. Finally, we connect the dots by exploring how to apply and integrate personal values with the organization’s shared culture. The purpose is to create a stronger value congruence between employee commitment and organizational growth.

In this module, we reflect on:
  • What are my personal values? 
  • What challenges do we have as a team? What culture do we want?
  • How can I uphold my own values and contribute to our shared direction and culture?
Positive Examples mobile view
Importance of acting mobile view

Strengths in action


The main focus of this module is to define and build strengths and skills. The participants will start by reflecting on their strengths, how to develop them, and recognize their overdone strengths. They will also talk about their colleagues’ strengths and provide feedback to each other. Our facilitator will provide a clear understanding of psychological safety and how it builds the foundation for collaboration and innovation. The goal is to develop and grow a strengths-based culture, recognize each employee’s strengths, and find ways to utilize those strengths productively when working together in teams. It’s about assigning the right tasks to the right person and cultivating each employee’s skills.

In this module, we reflect on:
  • What are my strengths and skills? 
  • What are some of my overdone strengths? In what situations do I tend to overdo my strength, and how?
  • What strengths do I see in my colleagues? Examples?
Strengths in Action mockup mobile view
Strengths in Action mockup mobile view

Sustainable Efficiency


Today’s world is full of stress and distractions, and we need to use both our time and energy wisely in a sustainable, wholesome way. The sustainable efficiency module is all about taking on your work responsibilities with a strong sense of self-leadership. In this module, participants will receive an introduction to motivational theory and an understanding of the brain’s functioning around decision-making, prioritization, and the handling of interruptions. Participants will familiarize themselves with habits and tools that can help them save up to 2 hours every day and boost energy levels. The purpose of the module is to optimize work performance, reduce stress, create a meaningful workflow, and use concrete tools to reach productivity in yourself and for team-based projects.

In this module, we reflect on:
  • Optimizing stress & performance: How to avoid burnout and boredom?
  • Neurology of stress: What does the brain need in order to perform and thrive?
  • Understanding the principles behind achieving “Flow”.
  • Distraction and interruptions: How to optimize your work from home or at the office.
Sustainable-efficiency mockup mobile view
Sustainable-efficiency mockup mobile view

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