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The people behind Self Leaders

The Core Team

Dominic Von Martens

Founder & Head of Scale Up

Driving programs in org. with 25 000+ employees. Previous strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co. Double MSc. in Management and Computer Science.

Our keynote speaker Malin Rapp

Malin Rapp

Keynote speaker & Head of Research Strategy

Speaker at Harvard, Spotify, and Ericsson. Research strategist in neuroscience and psychology. World champion in snowkiting.

Co-founder Dick Von Martens

Dick Von Martens

Founder & Head of Client Development

Culture strategist working with multinational companies such as H&M, Swedbank, and SF Studios. Previous management consultant at McKinsey & Co. MSc. in Management at SSE.

Facilitator Julija Blomqvist

Julija Blomqvist

Senior Facilitator & Leader developer

Leader developer with over 15 years of experience in leadership, HR, and events. Manages and delivers Self Leaders largest programs. Degree in International Relationships and Cultures.

Client Coordinator Alexander Dryselius

Alexander Dryselius

Facilitator & Agile Coach

A driven leadership facilitator and client coordinator with experience in facilitating groups of up to 300 people. Planning and driving Self Leaders’ global support structure. Presenter at TEDxKTH.
M.Sc. In Industrial Engineering and Management.

Simón Cabrera Ebers

Senior Facilitator & Leader Developer

Simón Cabrera Ebers, lecturer with a focus on inclusion and diversity, inspires leaders and employees in Sweden as well as globally. Simón helps companies and organizations create an inclusive culture that makes people grow in a common direction.

Niccolas Albiz

Facilitator & Academia Bridge

Bridging Business and Academia such that the leading knowledge gets out to where it is most needed. Focus on Transformation, Sustainability & Preconditions for development.

Co-founder Jan Artem Henriksson

Jan Artem Henriksson

Founder & Head of Thoughts Leaders Summits

Connecting Self Leaders methodology to the most renowned researchers. Organized Master Class with Harvard professor Robert Kegan & Amy Edmondson.
MSc. in Management SSE.

Nassim Mehran

Client Contact & Facilitator

Sociologist, entrepreneur, and certified coach with over 10 years of experience in recruitment, coaching, self-leadership, and events. Degree in Behavioral Science.

Employee and company growth through virtual experiences.
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