Our vision is a world where everyone is a leader

We are passionate about people and organizations growing
 in a sustainable way.

Our history

Self Leaders journey started in 2009, with the conviction that everyone can be leaders.

SSE School Photography
Stockholm School of Economics @ Copyright Juliana Wiklund

Back in the day’s our founders, former Mckinsey consultants Dick and Dominic von Martens and behaviorist Jan Artem Henriksson, reflected on the lack of education for self-leadership in Swedish universities. They believed that graduates were lacking the necessary knowledge and tools to lead themselves and taking holistic decisions in their careers.

This resulted in initiating the 881 self-leadership courses at the Stockholm School of Economics, which eventuelly spread its way to other educational institutions like KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Harvard University.
As the 881 courses increased its popularity, there was also a high demand for self-leadership courses from different businesses and organizations. This culminated in Self Leaders work in both the public and private sectors.

SSE School Photography
Stockholm School of Economics @ Copyright Juliana Wiklund

Where we are today

Every year, we supply thousands of individuals with knowledge on how to lead themselves and others.

Accepting the award from DI Gasell 2019
Awarded by DI Gasell 2019

As our world and society is becoming more dynamic, fast-paced, and complex, the ways of dealing with leadership and company management have also changed. This is where we come in to support. Today, we wholeheartedly invest in facilitating virtual self-leadership programs to strengthen organization-wide movement towards the strategic direction. Our digitally designed and produced workshops and programs are always based on the latest research from motivational psychology, behavioral science, and leadership development.

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Accepting the award from DI Gasell 2019
Awarded by DI Gasell 2019

Advocating sustainability

At Self Leaders, we take an interest in being a social and sustainable entrepreneur.

That’s why we are acting according to the 1:1:1 principle with our digital tools. This means that for every customer buying our Values Tree, we offer a student or NGO co-worker our tools for free, and, as a cherry on the top, actually plant a real tree in East Africa together with Vi-skogen. This allows for a much larger impact, enabling us to transform a digital tree into a real-life tree for the benefit of our planet.

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Our Values and Principles

We strive for our employees to be heard and take an active role in co-creating how we define ourselves as an organization. Together, as a team, we have established these 4 principles.

Be yourself, lead yourself

Starting with ourselves, we strive to be authentic and to cherish each other’s uniqueness as well as what unites us as humans. We trust in every individual’s ability to lead themselves by owning their areas of development and acting based on their values and strengths towards our shared direction and growth.

Contribute to our shared journey

We're on this journey together. By holding each other accountable and giving support with the willingness to find solutions, we create great value and achieve our goals. We do so with openness, empathy, and trust at the very core. Always with our team, clients, and organism in mind, as well as our planet.

Seek perspectives and make decisions

We listen actively and dare to seek perspectives, make decisions, and act. We have the mandate and responsibility to seek input. Internal and external. In order to navigate this VUCA world, we also dare to make decisions with less than perfect information and without awaiting a consensus. We stay curious to seek opportunities yet committed to making an impact.

Fail fast, learn together and have fun

We aim to always reach the learning zone, knowing this takes collective and continuous effort. In order to do so, we as self-leaders relentlessly work on our own “‘growth mindset’ as well as contribute to a supportive culture that allows risk-taking, constructive feedback, and speaking up. We dare to learn from mistakes, with a smile on our face when possible 🙂

Employee and company growth through virtual experiences.
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