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The Vision:

We are all leaders, creating the world we want to live in.

We are an organization run by values, with the radical vision that everyone is a leader creating the world we want to live in. Through increased awareness about what is important both for oneself and in the surrounding context, the ability to create and shape what you want to see increases. We truly believe that this creates a more conscious, sustainable and prosperous world.


We want to walk the talk. We strive towards becoming fully self-organizing, which means we have no formal hierarchies nor managers in the classical sense. Instead, our coworkers are fully responsible for internal and external projects actively seeking support from colleagues and outside the organization when needed.


We also work according to the 1:1 principle in our digital tools. This means that for every trained individual by our paying customers, we offer a student or NGO coworker our tools free of charge. This allows for a much larger impact with relatively small measures.

Organizational Values


Live your truth

Being yourself at work is given when working with us. It is about being aware of what is important and living your personal values in everyday life. A prerequisite for breaking old patterns and challenging past truths, and also to allow multiple perspectives to coexist.

Radical trust and responsibility-taking

A requisite for being self-organizing includes practicing radical trust and also valuing the responsibility that comes with it. This means that we try to minimize management, instead practicing daily leadership where each and every coworker is fully responsible for his/her own projects and development.

Contribute to the whole

To regard whole systems and using a holistic way of thinking is among the hardest things there is. We believe there is a genuine need of wisdom in decision-making processes where we train ourselves in taking multiple perspectives outside our own preferred ones, defining the purpose or value we want to see and how we may contribute to this.

Listen to understand

We are fully aware of there being parts of truth and potential value creation in all perspectives and images of reality. Constantly seeking new information means that we also strive for practicing active listening towards colleagues, partners and inwards. The intention is always to try to understand what lies behind the observed, rather than too quickly coming to a conclusion.

Clarity creates freedom

Many falsely believe that creative thinking requires total freedom, however it is usually easier to be free within a certain frame. By being clear internally and externally regarding expectations we create more freedom, creativity and flow for everyone involved.

Whole-heartedly or not at all

We genuinely believe that we feel and perform at our very best when acting from inner motivation. If we take on a project, we make sure to do so with full power and passion. Otherwise it is better to handle the short-term pain of saying no early on.

Fail fast, learn and have fun!

In a fast-paced and changing world, it is important to prototype. If we don’t fail it means we don’t dare to try new things enough. We believe in bringing up and celebrating victories as well as failures in order to have fun and be fully free in our continuous learning journey.

Kung Fu Panda

A panda by the name of Mjaua has been our mascot since starting 2009. She is a continuous reminder of being playful, present and always with tongue-in-cheek. We strive to bring body, mind and soul in important decisions. Even the most challenging situations have been transformed by Kung Fu Panda!

Case Studies

Case 1 / Leadership and Culture transformation with Bonnierförlagen

What was the purpose?
Create a clear common direction, increase motivation and trust in a future-oriented and proactive climate throughout the organization.

What did we do?
Leadership program parallel with developing new organizational values and vision, supported by interactive workshops and online surveys.

What was the result?
Defined common game plan, leadership principles and organizational values to coalesce around. Best result for leadership ever in employee survey, as well as increased sales connected to culture program.

Case 2 / Values work with Ricoh

What was the purpose?
Increase clarity and common ground of existing organizational values, also to increase proactive responsiblity-taking.

What did we do?
Fully experience-based training for leaders and coworkers in self-leadership alongside reinforcement of organizational values. Survey before and after of important evaluation criteria.

What was the result?
Positive development on all evaluation variables, among them engagement in work (up 10% from 4.1 to 4.5 on 5-grade scale), feedback frequency (up 20%), responsibility-taking (up 12 %). Client designates the training program as most likely variable explaining the transformation.

Case 3 / Values work with SEB

What was the purpose?
Create engagement in workplace regarding common objective and organizational values, as well as create internal ambassadors taking values-work forward.

What did we do?
Develop an interactive workshop model using digital support lead by internal facilitators and change ambassadors in order to scale up to approximately 15,000 coworkers.

What was the result?
Workshop with 500 top managers in organization, certified 120 internal facilitators in our methodology. Ongoing implementation, awaiting evaluations.

We help our customers create strong cultures where coworkers are engaged, driving development and taking care of themselves and each other. We call it self-leadership. Contact us to co-create a solution.