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Develop all your leaders

Our leadership trainings are created for organizations that are ready to challenge and strengthen their leader’s capacity. Supporting your companies current needs, challenges and goals, we also aim to promote a culture with self-leadership where every employee fosters a mindset of trust and learning.

Accessible for all

Our program outline and tools make it easy for leaders to join and participate remotely.

Hands-on tools

We provide concrete and easy-to-use tools that are research-based and highly effective.

Time efficient

Our trainings are time optimized with follow-ups, bite-sized learning sessions and shorter deep dives.


We use a well-proven methodology that is practiced by scientists at Harvard University and KI.

Organizational Growth

Our trainings equip leaders with new skills and a mindset that drives long-term company growth.

Example of Modules

Direction and follow-up

Activate your leadership principles and inspire your employees to thrive in the workplace.

Strengths in Action

Develop your leadership skills by utilizing a strength-based approach in your teams.

Leading hybrid teams

Learn to successfully lead your organization in a hybrid context by cultivating a growth mindset!

Feedback & Coaching

Boost your coaching skills and learn how to achieve a strong feedback culture!

A example of a

Program outline

Traditional Leadership Courses

  • General modules that are standardized and difficult to apply to the current and future company needs.
  • Full-day or multi-day trainings that are hard to prioritize. 
  • A non-scalable approach that involves training a few leaders at a higher cost. 
  • No post-training guidelines on how to apply learnings in everyday work-life.
  • Don’t cover a long-term, sustainable strategy for future growth.

Our Leadership Trainings offers

Our unique tool


A valuable part of our leadership programs! We take pride in designing our programs with scalability and simplicity in mind. That’s why we host our own in-house tool that enables seamless training experiences. Valuestree.com is a cloud-based web application, easily integrated with external systems and works on all types of devices. With its multifunctional approach, the tool can be used by managers in a train-the-trainer format to support organization-wide learning.

Who are Self Leaders?

We are pioneers in leadership development and self-leadership.

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