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Our leadership training programmes are designed for organizations that are ready to challenge and empower their leaders. With content tailored and adapted to the company’s needs, challenges and future goals, our leadership training programmes are uniquely designed to support a culture of self-leadership where each employee takes ownership to contribute to a culture of trust and learning.

Accessible for all

Our training structure and tools enable leaders to connect and participate remotely.

Hands-on tools

We offer practical and easy-to-use tools that are research-based and highly effective.

Time efficient

Time-efficient training with shorter follow-ups, micro-learning and check-ins.


Take advantage of our methodology used by researchers at Harvard University and Karolinska Institutet.

Organizational Growth

We equip leaders with new skills, methods and mindsets that create long-term growth.

Why you should choose leadership training at Self Leaders

At Self Leaders we have extensive experience in leadership development and always strive to offer you a rich learning experience that will strengthen your and your colleagues’ leadership skills. Our inspiring lecturers are also some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. 

But why are our leadership training programmes unique, and why do we believe they are better than more traditional leadership training? Below we list the benefits of choosing a leadership training course at Self Leaders: 

Our Leadership Trainings offers

What is included in a leadership training programme at Self Leaders?

A leadership training programme at Self Leaders is always tailored to the client’s needs, vision, direction and objectives. We create research-based modules with custom content that delve into all aspects of leadership, self-leadership and corporate culture. Below you will find examples of modules we can offer to help develop all your company’s management.


Activate your leadership principles and motivate employees in the workplace.


Develop your leadership skills by utilizing a strengths-based approach when leading your teams.


Learn to successfully lead your organization in a hybrid context by cultivating a growth mindset!


Boost your coaching skills and learn how to achieve a strong feedback culture!

Book leadership training – on-site or remotely

Want to book a company-wide leadership training course that equips your leaders with practical tools to lead effectively? Our experienced lecturers are happy to come and train your company on-site, but we also offer the option for participants to attend remotely. Please take a look at the content of our different modules to find a package that suits the needs of your organization at the moment.

To book a leadership training programme with us at Self Leaders, fill in the form below and let us know how we can help you develop the leadership of your particular business.

Why you should book leadership training – 5 good reasons

Being a good leader is a professional art, and not everyone can lead in a way that both engages your employees, delivers results and increases workplace satisfaction. While managing these different responsibilities, as a manager you also need to relate to different frameworks and lead your organization in a certain direction. Therefore, taking a leadership training course is often a good start to acquire the skills you need as a manager to lead effectively and develop your own leadership.

Self Leader’s leadership training programmes are perfect for those who want practical and effective tools to do just that, whether you have previous experience in the profession or not. Below we list 5 good reasons why you and your organization should invest in leadership training.

  1. You gain an opportunity to develop and analyse yourself as a leader

It may seem obvious, but a leadership training programme is a great opportunity for you as a manager to actually evaluate your own leadership and find areas for improvement. Leadership training can also help you to find out what leadership style is right for you, and what tools you need to develop in your specific leadership role.

2. You acquire the tools you need to deliver tangible results

Leadership is often seen as a tool for solving tasks and achieving goals, and for delivering results. Results often refer to what the business is supposed to deliver in terms of growth, competitiveness or investment. Leadership training helps you to identify how results can be achieved through good leadership and the areas you need to focus on to achieve them.

3. You will learn to understand your team better

A large part of leadership is about managing relationships. By participating in leadership training at Self Leaders, you’ll gain insight and knowledge about things like different behaviour patterns and personality types. This, in turn, enables you to understand and communicate with your employees more easily.

4. You create working conditions to increase the engagement of your employees

With some great leadership training under your belt, you are in an excellent position to become a good leader. Research shows that good leadership leads to better employee satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn leads to higher engagement and initiative on their part in the long run.

5. You create a working environment where both you and your employees thrive

Great leadership can be crucial to the well-being of both you and your employees. Some argue that good leaders rub off on employees and the work environment as a whole, which makes perfect sense since as a manager you spend most of your day with them in your presence. By developing your own leadership through a leadership training programme, you can create a breeding ground for a positive work culture that makes your employees happy and want to stay. 

With practical tools to help you maintain company culture and by expressing yourself positively to your employees, you can create a working environment where both you and your employees feel good and thrive in each other’s company.

Which leadership training programme suits our company?

Our leadership training programmes can be tailored to the needs of your organization and your colleagues, and we have a number of different approaches depending on what you are looking for. If you’re unsure about what type of leadership training is right for you, you’re always welcome to contact us and we’ll help you find a package that goes hand in hand with your organization’s needs.

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