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A strong corporate culture is an important cornerstone of a well-functioning organization and creates conditions for prosperous and high-performing employees. With willingness to work, creativity and community also come good results.

We at Self Leaders offer workshops that help people and organizations to grow in a sustainable way. The main theme of our workshops is the doctrine of self-leadership and strengthening culture in times of change. In our workshops, participants get to explore their self-leadership, share experiences and discuss their thoughts on corporate culture and self-leadership.

What is corporate culture?

A corporate culture is made up of conscious and unconscious norms, values and attitudes that exist within an organization. All these aspects create a guideline for how to behave and act in the company. Both positive and negative values as well as well-being and development opportunities affect the organization’s corporate culture.


Having a good and clear corporate culture is important for employees to feel a sense of belonging to the company or organization. A good corporate culture with a high degree of trust, clarity and strong community, gives more room for development and a stronger cohesion in times of change.

Conscious corporate culture

A conscious corporate culture makes it easier for the organization to make rapid changes. It is based on the company’s vision and business concept and is a support for the organization in its development.

The corporate culture also comes in handy when recruiting, choosing a supplier and other things that concern the company. It can serve as a guide-line where all future choices must go hand in hand with the conscious culture.


A company’s conscious corporate culture advantageously consists of a clearly formulated set of values and a number of values. This creates the foundation of a strong corporate culture and gives a clue as to who we are and want to strive to be. The value words summarize in a simple way the expectations that exist for each individual in the organization.

We live as we learn. These are our values that lay the foundation for the corporate culture we strive for. Examples of values:

Be yourself, lead yourself

Starting with ourselves, we strive to be authentic and to cherish each other’s uniqueness as well as what unites us as humans. We trust in every individual’s ability to lead themselves by owning their areas of development and action, based on their values and strengths towards our shared direction and growth.

Contribute to our shared journey

We're on this journey together. By holding each other accountable and providing support with a willingness to find solutions, we create great value and achieve our goals. We do so with openness, empathy, and trust at the very core. We keep our team and clients in mind, as well as our entire planet.

Seek perspectives and make decisions

We listen actively and dare to seek out new perspectives, make decisions, and act. We have the mandate and responsibility to seek input, both internal and external. In order to navigate this VUCA world, we also dare to make decisions with less-than-perfect information and without awaiting a consensus. We stay curious to seek opportunities yet remain committed to making an impact.

Fail fast, learn together and have fun

We aim to always reach the learning zone, and we know that this takes collective and continuous effort. In order to do this as self-leaders, we relentlessly work on our own “growth mindset” as well as contribute to a supportive culture that allows risk-taking, constructive feedback, and speaking up. We dare to learn from mistakes and hopefully do it with smiles on our faces.

What do you get as a participant in our workshops?

The latest insights on Hybrid Leadership and corporate culture

Conditions and framework for creating and leading a hybrid work culture.

Explore our practical tools

Try our self-developed digital self-leadership tools

Network with like-minded leaders

Interact and share experience with other like-minded leaders who dream of creating a conscious corporate culture.

Who are our workshops aimed at?

Our workshops are mainly aimed at HR managers, leadership enthusiasts and managers from different organizations and countries.

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