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Our inspirational lectures

Our inspirational lectures give companies and organizations the opportunity to create learning cultures that make people grow in a common direction. Through thought-provoking perspectives and tools based on research, our lecturers give answers to:

  • How to better lead yourself and each other through change and development.
  • How to strengthen your self-leadership and leadership for a more prosperous and engaging culture.
  • How employees, leaders and teams can choose to think differently to increase your self-leadership, collaboration and results.

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Our speakers

Our lecturers have extensive experience of leadership and team development and are professional speakers who have received fantastic ratings from our customers. Our speakers are all based on research and contribute with inspiration, insights and effective tools to best strengthen the leadership and culture in your organization.

They have mixed academic backgrounds in, among other things, psychology, economics and engineering – all for a well-founded experience that delivers results for your organization.

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What does an inspirational lecture at Self Leaders mean?

An inspirational lecture at Self Leaders is a unique experience with tailored content and exercises that are adapted to your needs, company profile, strategy and goals. Depending on what you as a company are looking for, we can offer different lectures with a focus on themes such as:

Why book an inspirational lecture at Self Leaders?

We guarantee that our inspirational lectures are an experience that makes a difference and contributes to your needs. Book an inspirational lecture and experience the benefits:

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Our lecturers are experts in leadership development and self-leadership and hold tailor-made lectures and exercises for your entire team – physically on site or digitally. Do you want to book a star speaker who inspires the whole team? Feel free to take a look below at our range of lecturers to find someone who suits your workplace and your needs.

Book an inspirational lecture with us at Self Leaders by filling out the form below and tell us how we can contribute to the development of leadership in your particular organization.

Which inspirational lecture suits us?

Popular lecture for the whole company

Energize and Boost the Team

Empowering the team and strengthening the culture when adapting to remote and uncertain changes is crucial. Amid these work-related shifts, it’s essential to boost and support each other. As a team, it’s about finding ways to recognize everyone, celebrate common goals, encourage self-direction, and focus on each team member’s strengths. 

This lecture gives thoughtful perspectives on how to better organize as a team and get more energy. The participants will get useful tools and insights that will boost their energy levels and team spirit.

Lecture on Post-Pandemic Leadership

Hybrid work, how do we lead and collaborate?

How can we as an organization live our values, and thrive in our culture when our employees are working remote and on-site? As a leader, it’s important to be flexible, build a culture of trust, set clear expectations, and focus on inclusion when leading a hybrid workplace.

This popular lecture provides perspective on how to lead and collaborate best in a hybrid workplace.

Lecture on stepping out of the comfort zone

Leading With A Growth Mindset

Having a Growth Mindset is fundamentally important for our learning and development, especially in challenging and trying times. Your mindset plays a big role in how you deal with uncertainty and challenges. It’s about cultivating your own and your colleague’s learning processes and thinking, and making sure that you continue to develop instead of stagnating.

This popular inspirational lecture provides tools on how to lead with a growth mindset and how you dare to step outside your comfort zone.

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