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More than just a job

Being a part of Self Leaders is not “just a job”. There is purpose and meaning in what we do.

Team sitting together and working

We are on a mission to change the hierarchical and old-fashioned view on leadership, by empowering self-leadership to businesses worldwide. Our goal is to create a modern, proactive, sustainable view on leadership and management. Of course, we are practicing what we preach. As a company, we strive to become fully self-organizing, which means no formal hierarchies or managers in the classical sense. Instead, we support our co-workers in being fully responsible for their own projects.

Team sitting together and working

Be yourself

We want to you to feel comfortable and empowered in being yourself at work.

Grow and develop

As an organization, we embrace each employee's personal and professional growth.

your voice is heard

We listen and ensure that our co-workers feel heard, respected, and valued.

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