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Among us, everyone is a leader.

The increasing complexity in the world requires a new leadership paradigm departing from a sense of inner security and a the capacity to make decisions from a holistic point of view.

To meet this need, SelfLeaders was founded in 2009, starting as a course in self-leadership at Stockholm School of Economics. Since then, we have helped organisations, businesses and individuals to become truly values-based, using research and knowledge from motivational psychology, behavioural science, leadership and organisational development.


We are all leaders, creating the world we want to live in. We use our vision and our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) to shift from an old paradigm where few people made decisions over few people, to a new paradigm requiring more active agents making meaningful decisions for themselves, the organisation and society. Our contribution is more people seeing themselves as responsible and conscious leaders. Every year, we help thousands of leaders and coworkers gain a deeper understanding about their own drives and how to lead self and others from this knowledge.


We always look for engaged and brilliant people. Open applications are welcome and a frequent way to start working with us. Send your CV and a few notes about yourself to


For questions, call +46–8-559 233 40.


List of current job offerings 

Sorry, we have no vacancies available.