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Employee and company growth through virtual experiences

Building great cultures

Our customized self-leadership programs are created with the intention of helping our clients grow as individuals, co-workers and a united organization.

Creating a Values Tree in our digital tool

Culture is a result of each employee’s values, behaviors, and ways of working. Our approach to working on stronger culture and self-leadership is based on the science of individual value systems and finding ways to bridge personal values with the organization’s direction and culture. This approach is tightly integrated into our self-leadership programs. The programs and tools are available in our digital platform, enabling people to remotely participate in the training sessions.

Creating a Values Tree in our digital tool

What we do

We offer a wide variety of leadership services: leadership programs, inspirational talks, facilitator trainings and open seminars.

Leadership Programs

  • Customized programs
  • Digital or in-office
  • Follow-up tools
  • Strengthens the culture

Our research-based programs are always customized to fit the client’s needs, vision, strategic direction and goals.

Inspiring Lectures

  • Energizing and boosting
  • Includes exercises
  • Physical or digital
  • Quick and easy booking

Our engaging speakers offer tailored lectures to educate, boost and motivate the whole team and company!

Facilitator Trainings

  • Get certified in ViA
  • Theory and methods
  • Get a Values tree license
  • Grow in your facilitator role

In this 2-day digital training, you’ll learn about the Values In Action concept. Get exclusive access to our tools, frameworks, and theories.

Open Workshops

  • Interactive workshops
  • Network with leaders
  • Try our digital tool
  • New themes quarterly

The digital seminars are exclusively created for HR professionals and are hosted in both English and Swedish.

Our digital platform

A valuable part of our trainings

Cloud-based system

Access the platform whenever you want.

Multiple devices

Works on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Different languages is accessible in over 10 languages.

Customer support

We always reply to support-related questions within 24 hours.

How it works

  1. After an initial meeting, we will set up a customized digital program that is designed to fit your company’s needs, purposes, and goals. The programs usually include modules, dialogues,  exercises, reflections, and follow-up tools. 
  2. Participants are invited to their first session on our digital platform,, where they will reflect on their personal values and strengths. After their first reflection, they are equipped to take on the program.
  3. Over the course of the program, the participants will develop a deeper connection to their own inner motivation, while gaining more clarity on the organization’s direction.
Co-worker sitting in front of the computer partaking in a workshop

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Employee and company growth through virtual experiences.
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