Team development


Experience-based learning that strengthens team development, internal motivation at the individual level and collaboration throughout the organization.


We work actively with team development to create effective teams characterized by high psychological security. Our training aims to make teams grow in a common direction. Through effective and interactive sessions, we give you the tools to develop psychological security and cooperation in your teams.


Team development is about creating an effective team that achieves its goals and creates good profitability for the company. This is achieved by the team having fun together, being inspired by each other’s strengths and achievements and having a good collaboration with each other.


We are proud to offer world-class digital experiences for companies and organizations that want to work with team development. Our education creates the psychological security required for a functioning and effective feedback culture. We tailor programs in our own training platform that enable team development, psychological security and collaboration for each individual organization. Through short and interactive sessions that inspire and motivate for development and learning, your leaders, your teams and your organization get the tools and support needed for extensive learning.


Psychological security is one of the cornerstones of good team development and effective collaborations. We are at our best when we can be ourselves and feel safe in our surroundings. Self-reflection is therefore at the heart of our training. When we can define our personal values, our motivational factors and what we need to feel good, we can quickly achieve clarity in what we are to develop together.

Through structured digital processes and exercises, we create the conditions for increased self-insight among the participants; insights which in turn form the basis for dialogues that create openness and psychological security in our collaborations.

We offer several types of training on psychological security and team development. We are happy to help you find the theme that suits your needs. Below you see some examples of our successful approaches.

Successful leadership programs

leadership program with focus on psychological security and a value-driven mindset

Increased psychological security and cooperation through a value-driven way of thinking

In this module, participants gain the necessary tools and knowledge required to activate a value-driven mindset in their everyday life and working life. At the individual level, participants will work to improve their self-awareness and clarify their personal values. At the group level, we will then create, improve and / or anchor the organization’s values, as well as reflect on the culture we all want to achieve. Finally, we explore how to integrate their personal values ​​together with the organization’s common values ​​and culture. The purpose here is to create a stronger and clearer connection between employee commitment and organizational growth for more valuable team development.

We reflect on:

  • What are my personal values?
  • What challenges do we face as a team? What is our desired culture?
  • How can I as an individual live up to my personal values ​​and at the same time contribute to our common direction and culture going forward?

leadership program with focus on strengths and team efficiency

Awareness of one's own and others' strengths – a prerequisite for effective teams and team development

The main focus of this module is to become aware of our strengths, as individuals and teams, for increased development and learning. Participants begin by reflecting on their strengths and how they can develop, and then define their exaggerated strengths. Through short and interactive exercises, the participants will also be able to reflect on their colleagues’ strengths and give each other feedback on these.

Participants will gain a clear understanding of psychological security and how it builds the foundation for collaboration, creativity and development within the team. Conscious strengths strengthen a culture that focuses on utilizing each individual strength and skill for the best possible productivity in the team. By assigning the right types of tasks to the right person and developing each employee’s skills, we contribute to a strong team development with a high degree of psychological security within the team through a strength-based focus.

We reflect on:

  • What are my strengths and abilities?
  • What are my exaggerated strengths? In what situations do I tend to exaggerate my strengths?
  • What strengths do I see in my colleagues? Examples?

leadership program with focus on creating maximum team efficiency

Sustainable efficiency – tips for team development

In order to achieve maximum efficiency in a team and for continued team development, it is important that we are aware of how we use our time and energy in a sustainable way. The module on sustainable efficiency is about taking responsibility for one’s work with a strong sense of self-leadership in a world full of stress and distractions. The module contributes to team development and gives participants a:

  • introduction to motivation theory
  • understanding of how the brain works when it comes to decision making, prioritization and dealing with spontaneous disturbances. 

Participants receive useful tips and practical tools that will help them increase their energy levels, which in turn contributes to good team development. The purpose of the module is to create team development by optimizing performance, reducing stress, creating a harmonized workflow and achieving productivity.

We reflect on:

  • Optimizing stress and performance: How to avoid burnout?
  • Stress neurology: What does the brain need to perform?
  • Distractions and breaks: How to optimize your work – at home or in the office?

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