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Malin Rapp

About Malin Rapp

Malin Rapp is an inspirational speaker and leadership developer, with expertise in neuroscience and motivational psychology. She inspires leaders to transform their workplace into a sustainable growth place, and is acclaimed for her skills and unique ability to connect research with practice. Her engaging and inspiring ways of presenting theories, insights, and concrete tools have netted Malin many recurring clients, such as Spotify, Storytel, Ericsson, Stockholm School of Economics, Harvard University and World Wildlife Fund.

Featured Lectures

Popular lecture for the whole company

Energize and Boost the Team

Empowering the team and strengthening the culture when adapting to remote and uncertain changes is crucial. Amid these work-related shifts, it’s essential to boost and support each other. As a team, it’s about finding ways to recognize everyone, celebrate common goals, encourage self-direction, and focus on each team member’s strengths. 

This engaging talk gives thoughtful perspectives on how to better organize as a team and get more energy. The participants will get useful tools and insights that will boost their energy levels and team spirit.

Lecture on Post-Pandemic Leadership

Hybrid work, how do we lead and collaborate?

How can we as an organization live our values, and thrive in our culture when our employees are working remote and on-site? As a leader, it’s important to be flexible, build a culture of trust, set clear expectations, and focus on inclusion when leading a hybrid workplace.

Stepping out of the comfort zone

Leading With A Growth Mindset

Having a Growth Mindset is fundamentally important for our learning and development, especially in challenging and trying times. Your mindset plays a big role in how you deal with uncertainty and challenges. It’s about cultivating your own and your colleague’s learning processes and thinking, and making sure that you continue to develop instead of stagnating.

What Malins customers say

Malin is very sharp and was able to adapt her lecture based on our needs, which resulted in a good balance between inspiration from research, how people work and what we can bring to our leadership in everyday life. It was a lot of energy in the room!

Anette von Troil,
Head of Communications at Coop

Malin was a really inspiring speaker and shared her knowledge on team-building and how we can create a better community with trust. Her ability to share perspectives on research and incorporate her own experiences gave a personal touch to the lecture and made it even more inspiring.

Anna Gedda,
Head of Sustainability at H&M

Malin is a fantastic inspiration and positive force. I have, in collaboration with Malin and Self Leaders, explored how to connect to self-leadership as a part of Lindex culture. Malin was a great sounding board during our journey. I've had the honor to see her speak in action – it leaves no one unimpressed.

Karin Asplind,
HR Strategy Specialist at Lindex

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