Malin Rapp

Keynote speaker and leadership developer,
specializing in Neuroscience & motivation psychology

About malin

Malin Rapp is a global speaker and research strategist in neuroscience and motivational psychology, aiming to transform the workplace into a sustainable growth place.

Our Key note Speaker Malin at Academedias leader event
Speaking at Academedia's Ledership Forum

Malin is acclaimed for her skills and unique ability to connect research with practice. Her engaging and inspiring ways of presenting theories and concrete tools have netted Malin many recurring clients, and she frequently speaks at prestigious companies and institutions, including:

  • Spotify 
  • Ericsson
  • Stockholm School of Economics
  • Harvard University
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Storytel
Our Key note Speaker Malin at Academedias leader event
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Lectures and workshops

The purpose of Malin’s lectures is to strengthen the inner motivation of both leaders and employees, to develop their capacity to lead themselves and others, and simultaneously contribute to the organization’s shared direction. 

Her specialty is lecturing about self-leadership and culture in a rapidly changing world. During her seminars, she asks questions like:

  • The world around us is changing at an incredible rate, but are we developing the critical abilities and mindset to adapt?
  • How can employees collaborate better and contribute to a company’s shared direction in a uncertain, ever-changing, and  now remote workplace?


“Malin is very sharp and was able to adapt her lecture based on our needs, which resulted in a good balance between inspiration from research, how people work and what we can bring to our leadership in everyday life. It was a lot of energy in the room!”

Anette von Troil,
Head of Communications at Coop
”Malin was a really inspiring speaker and shared her knowledge on team-building and how we can create a better community with trust. Her ability to share perspectives on research and incorporate her own experiences gave a personal touch to the lecture and made it even more inspiring. ”
Anna Gedda
Head of Sustainability at H&M
”Malin is a fantastic inspiration and positive force. I have, in collaboration with Malin and Self Leaders, explored how to connect to self-leadership as a part of Lindex culture. Malin was a great sounding board during our journey. I've had the honor to see her speak in action – it leaves no one unimpressed!"
Karin Asplind
Corporate HR Strategy Specialist at Lindex

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