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Case #1 - Telia Company

Leadership and Organizational Growth

Facts about Telia

  • 21 000+ employees in 8 home markets.
  • 100+ trained facilitators.
  • 8000+ trained employees in total.
  • Positive growth and progression on all strategic indexes.
  • Modern, scalable delivery model.
What were Telia's needs and goals?

Telia Company’s (21,000+ employees in 8 home markets) journey, as a purpose-driven organization running on values, aims to support the development of self-leaders who navigate a complex business with high ambitions, strong personal values, and purpose—all collaborating together and thus contributing to Telia Company’s customers. Enhanced engagement, commitment, and collaboration in a values-driven culture are crucial objectives.

How did we support and contribute to their goals?

The Telia Company and Self Leaders partnership started by establishing the People’s Recipe, which created a platform for initiatives going forward.

We developed three different self-leadership modules – Values in Action, Purpose in Action, and My Values – to actively drive cultural transformation and enhance motivation, as well as oversee the integration of personal and organizational values for employees and leaders.

Our train-the-trainer delivery model enabled the internal facilitator community to create a modern, scalable way of working to build self-leadership capabilities among Telia Company’s employees. Today, more than 8,000 of Telia Company’s employees have discovered their values and purpose, and they know how to apply this in their roles when working with customers.

What was the outcome?
  • A notably higher level of engagement, commitment, and team engagement amongst employees who have participated in Values in Action and Purpose in Action, with a 10% increase in commitment!
  • Positive growth and progress on all index measurements: engagement, organizational capabilities index, goals & strategy index, strategic areas, and leadership index, compared to the previous year.
  • In 2019, Cecilia Lundin was rewarded “HR-manager of the year” for her work creating a values-driven culture in Telia Company.
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Case #2 - Storytel

Leadership and Strategy Finalization

Facts about Storytel

  • A fast-growing company with more than 1.3 million subscribers.
  • 20+ markets, 600+ employees in 20+ offices.
  • Self Leaders supports Storytel leaders in ongoing leadership programs.
  • Virtual workshops with participants from all markets.
What were Storytel's needs and goals?

Storytel, with a global presence in more than 20 markets, wanted to clarify and strengthen their culture and leadership in line with a continued growth strategy.

The program was designed to answer these questions: What leadership skills do we need to advance in order to deliver on our strategy and how do we execute them? How can we support employees to perform their best and continue developing over time?

A few of Storytel’s goals:

  • Create leadership programs for global and local leaders with a broad range of seniority and expertise.
  • Clarify, strengthen, and practice the commitment for shared leadership principles in line with the desired direction and culture shift.
  • Articulate and activate a culture move that includes the whole organization.

It is eye-opening and challenging but very very important. Great session and I am looking forward to the upcoming ones.


How did we support and contribute to their goals?

In close collaboration with Storytel, we designed an experience-based leadership program with actionable modules integrating the latest research with their specific needs. The program was designed to activate its leadership principles and key behaviors in line with its strategy and desired direction. 

We supported the overall culture move with an inspirational talk for 300+ participants. We acted as advisors and sounding boards in articulating the desired culture, one that involved everyone in the organization throughout the process. 

What was the outcome?

The start of the first program coincided with COVID-19, but we were able to quickly move to a 100% digitally facilitated leadership program. Given the strong outcome from the first module, we will continue with virtual sessions for the time being, regardless of when travel restrictions change. The digital program for global leaders began in the spring of 2020, and we have rolled out a second leadership program during the autumn of 2020.

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Average of commitment for Shared Leadership principles

Case #3 - Nordic Entertainment Group

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Leadership and Culture Development
What were NENT's needs and goals?

Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) was established as a separate organization from MTG in July 2018. With their newly formed company, they needed to develop new values and purpose as well as levers to consciously drive towards their articulated desired culture.

This was achieved by setting a clear intention to drive a holistic third wave culture strategy approach that combines values, purpose, and an employee value proposition:

  • Build a shared sustainable culture for the newly formed entity with 1900+ employees.
  • Train managers with knowledge and tools to increase employee awareness and engagement.
  • Include everyone in building the desired culture.
  • Keep the teams connected while working remotely across five different countries.

Extremely smooth workshop with all the digital parts working. Very well done! I think we should continue with digital workshops even when we are back in the office, in order to connect with people from other departments and countries.


How did we support and contribute to their goals?

We initiated the program with a holistic, crowdsourced approach, using workshops and digital tools to get as much input as possible from all employees, managers, and top management. The creative process for articulating the new purpose and values was transparent and data-driven. The result was high buy-in and alignment when the new values were launched in 2018. 

As a second phase, with an emphasis on integrating the culture in action and everyday work, blended learning team modules were created. To enable managers to be role models, we supported NENT with team tools to connect with coworkers during their everyday work and follow up on principles and behaviors. In addition, colleagues have been matched with “NENT Values Buddies” to connect on a deeper level across teams and different nationalities. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rollout shifted quickly during 2020 to a culture and self-leadership program for the whole organization based on large virtual meetings.  Digital facilitation has made it possible for everyone to join the sessions and connect with colleagues from other departments and teams. Within the self-leadership programs, we co-created 4 modules related to their BEAT values (Bravery, Equality, Appreciation, Trust) as well as the theoretical fields in self-leadership: values, strengths, and development areas.

What was the outcome?
  • 20+ trained internal facilitators.
  • 50+ workshops involving 80% of the workforce across 5 different countries.
  • Awareness of the BEAT values scored highly within the overall employee survey.

Case #4 - Lindex

Leadership and Value Creation
What were Lindex needs and goals?

Lindex is a fashion chain store with boutiques in Scandinavia and Europe. As a global organization, they launched a new vision with the aim to create clarity in Lindex’s ”why” and strengthen a shared direction. The desired outcome was to increase the employees’ ability to lead themselves, take more responsibility for their deliveries, individual sustainability, and learn to prioritize based on Lindex’s strategy, vision, and goals.

How did we support and contribute to their goals?

We developed, in collaboration with Lindex, two types of self-leadership programs. One for the leaders and employees working in the office with a fully digital approach. The other program was customized in a format suitable for managers and employees working in the stores. The purpose of the self-leadership program was specifically to develop employee’s ownership, accountability, and innovation to activate Lindex’s new vision and strengthen the culture. For example by allowing employees to reflect on their personal why / their values ​​and understand the connection to Lindex’s values ​​and vision.

What was the outcome?
  • The journey started with the top MGT team to get everyone on board with the journey to activate and strengthen the global vision by self-leadership.
  • We then trained internal process leaders to become facilitators to continue the self-leadership work.
  • Today Lindex has internal resources facilitated and leads self-leadership workshops with over 1000 of their employees.
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