SelfLeaders | Master Class with Robert Kegan – 29 April – 1 May 2019
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Master Class with Robert Kegan – 29 April – 1 May 2019

Master Class with Robert Kegan – 29 April – 1 May 2019


April 29 - 08:30 am


May 1 - 06:00 pm




Hotel Skeppsholmen

Gröna gången 1, 111 49 Stockholm

Stockholm, Stockholms län, SE, 111 49

Master Class with Robert Kegan

Unique opportunity to attend a 3-day Master Class with Robert Kegan in Adult Development Theory and its applications for both individuals and organizations.

We have the pleasure to invite you to a three-day workshop with the Harvard professor and well known author Robert Kegan, one of the true pioneers in the field of Adult Development.

The adult development theories have gained substantial ground the last decade as the ability to navigate and thrive in complex environments has become more relevant and many times demanded in our organizations.

During the three days we’ll address the following themes:

  1. How can adults grow? – Constructive Developmental Theory

  2. How can we get out of our own way? – Immunity To Change

  3. How can we foster a culture of growth? – Deliberately Developmental Organizations

Kegan’s career contributions can, in his own words, be summarized with nine letters: CDT-ITC-DDO, referring to the evolution of his thinking and writing over more than 40 years of dedicated work in the field. The three-day Master Class will take us through the underlying basic conceptual research and theoretical writing to the applications on individual, social and systemic levels by dedicating one day each to ”CDT” (Constructive-Developmental Theory), ”ITC” (Immunity to Change) and the ”DDO” (Deliberately Developmental Organization).

Articles for pre-read will be sent out after registration and a possibility will be given to meet and discuss the topics before the Master Class.


Day 1: “CDT”:  Constructive Developmental Theory

The first day focuses on the basic concepts and the research that addresses how our ways of making meaning evolves in distinct stages throughout life. These stages provide the frames for our way to see, perceive, articulate and solve problems and dilemmas and describes how we can navigate in increasing degrees of complexity as the quality of our sense-making evolves. Primarily based on the books: The Evolving Self & In Over Our Heads.

Day 2: “ITC”: Immunity to Change

During the second day there will be a focus on individual change and on how one’s own and others’ development can be facilitated. We’ll work in a way that allows for the opportunity to explore how our own developmental challenges reflect the dynamic of change as the theories are applied. Primarily based on the book: Immunity To Change.

Day 3: “DDO”: Deliberately Developmental Organizations

The third day we move from individual to organizational level. DDO offers a systematic way to approach the important question of how we can offer on-going opportunities for individual growth and evolution in organisations. Kegan and Lahey´s latest research informs how we can go about designing systems and practices that serve both members´ growth and organizational development. Primarily based on the book: An Everyone Culture: Deliberately Developmental Organizations.

Participation fee:

  • Full price: 32 000 SEK/person (incl. VAT total: 40 000 SEK)

  • Early bird (before the 28th of February): 28 000 SEK/person (incl. VAT total: 35 000 SEK)

Fee includes:

  • Refreshments, coffee and lunch during three days

Warmly welcome to a three day Master Class with Robert Kegan!

Organized by: Christian Bodén and Jan Artem Henriksson

The registration is binding but you can change the name of the ticket holder after purchase.