What we do - Self Leaders
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We enable cultural development building on personal and organizational values, and always based on the latest research. We believe in action learning, measurable results and integration in everyday work and life.

The key to success is engaged coworkers taking responsibility, cooperating and striving towards acting from both personal and organizational values and vision. We call this self-leadership. We offer inspiration, longer training programs and supporting cutting-edge digital tools. Together with our clients, we create, enhance or anchor the organization’s core values and vision working actively with leaders and coworkers. This leads to a measurable and documented effect in regards of motivation, feedback and cooperation. It’s all about making sure that each individual’s personal story is aligned with the collective one.


A good leader is a role model for others. In a fast-changing world requiring a high level of adaptability, we believe that everyone can, and should, be a leader. Leadership is more about supporting and coaching coworkers towards finding, developing and contributing in line with one’s unique drive. For the coworker, it is all about the will and courage to take responsibility for both parts and whole.

We provide several different types of modules focusing on better leadership and self-leadership in a changing world. A few examples include values implementation, feedback, self-perception, personal efficiency and a range of skills we never acquired in the educational system. Through transformational learning we have the opportunity to create more trust and collaboration in teams. We also help with clarifying organizational values and common direction, creating strong culture ambassadors directly affecting motivation and sense of responsibility.

Lectures & Inspiration

An inspirational seminar is a great start and a way to experience first-hand the power of our methodology, philosophy and digital tools.

Our experienced facilitators hold the space in 1-2 hours providing new knowledge, simple exercises, tools and insights from the latest motivational research for increased well-being and performance. Thousands of people to date have participated in our seminars. Use it as an introduction to a conference or as part of your leadership program.

I have worked in sales most of my adult life and attended many courses and seminars in sales, motivation, etc. I just want to say that this is the best thing I’ve ever attended, the most rewarding ever. – Sales Manager, Client Company

The framing and the information is always suited to your specific needs, but it always builds on acquired knowledge. Thus, we base all of our seminars in the latest research and best practice from approximately 300 organizations worldwide that we have worked with to date. We look forward to inspiring you too.

Train the Trainer

Long-term positive change is most successful when coworkers are leading the process. We have developed a train the trainer program in order to certify facilitators in our tools, methodology and philosophy. This way, we enable the change program to be scaled up and continue to live on in the organization. In larger organizations, we often co-facilitate together with trained internal facilitators.

As a certified facilitator, you enable your coworkers to discover their intrinsic motivation and act in line with their personal values and strengths. You also lead teams to discover and create their desired organizational culture. Most of our facilitator trainings are tailored for the client’s unique set of needs. We also hold open trainings for facilitating coworkers and teams through powerful and effective tools to be used with own clients or in own organization.

We help our customers create strong cultures where coworkers are engaged, driving development and taking care of themselves and each other. We call it self-leadership. Contact us to co-create a solution.