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Values Tree

The Values Tree reflection takes on average 12 minutes to complete, and is a simple tool that coworkers can use for personal development and a more proactive mindset.

Understanding personal values is the key to understanding your own motivation. Ever since the start of SelfLeaders, this method has been central in our approach to working with individual and organizational transformation. Not surprisingly, one of our most popular tools is the personal Values Tree.


To date, the tool has been used by more than 26 000 employees, managers and students since its release in early 2016. It builds on a research-based approach to working with personal motivation, where each participant builds their own Values Tree by reflecting on and choosing between common personal values.


There are many research articles showing a correlation between higher clarity about personal values and its effect on motivation, commitment, creativity, wellbeing and persistence. Reflecting on personal values is also central in the theory of adult development, where clarity around personal values is key for adults who want to become truly effective and proactive.

Organizational Values & Toolbox

Ensure long term effects and employee commitment through our Toolbox – the easy way for facilitators or change agents to integrate the organization’s vision, mission and values.

An extensive body of research claims that in order to get the most of values work in a postmodern and highly individualized culture, building on both personal and organization values is crucial. Our Toolbox makes it easy for facilitators or change agents to integrate the organisation’s vision, mission and values with our supporting digital tools. In this way, managers and coworkers can use their phones to reflect on what is important and do simple yet powerful exercises strengthening the desired culture and behaviors.


Previous culture and leadership development is now prolonged by weeks, months and even years. All results and exercises that have been done in training sessions are accessible on demand to all participants at any time, individually or in teams. Fun and challenging exercises in feedback, present listening, checking in on meetings, or focusing on most important tasks, MITs for the upcoming period, are a few examples of exercises helping your coworkers to grow and develop.

Team Experience

Are you a leader looking to develop your team? We may have the simplest yet most powerful way to spend one hour together with your team. Get to know each other on a deeper level and boost motivation and cooperation! SelfLeaders Team Experience is a simple and playful process where you talk about personal values, building trust and learn some simple exercises where you continue getting to know each other better. The process is simple:

1. Create an account and send a link to your team where everyone does a preparatory personal Values Tree exercise using their smartphone.


2. Gather your team and follow the instructions from our empathetic yet efficient digital facilitator Samantha. You are invited to talk about personal values in small groups, an exercise that researchers claim builds more trust, motivation and better collaboration between individuals.


3. When you are done, select a few important personal values to guide your coworkers’ future choices, and also learn how to do a quick check in before starting a meeting using personal values in order to continue building strong relationships, trust and collaboration.

If you are interested in trying out our Team Experience, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@selfleaders.com.


The instructions are in English, but your employees can choose from several languages in the app and, of course, do the exercises in their mother tongue.