Lead yourself and others in times of extreme uncertainty and complexity - Self Leaders
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Lead yourself and others in times of extreme uncertainty and complexity

Lead yourself and others in times of extreme uncertainty and complexity

We invite you to indulge in our learnings from working with organizations, equipping them to navigate in a volatile and complex world.

The World we live in, sometimes called the VUCA world, is filled of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Self Leaders have for the last ten years worked with equipping the modern organisation with tools and capabilities necessary to navigate VUCA. Today, these capabilities are more critical than ever.

On the 2nd of September, we share our perspectives as well as client cases during an interactive workshop aimed toward decision makers in HR management, culture, and leadership.

  • How do we empower and promote inner motivation with our employees?
  • How do we practice our self-leadership skills?
  • What leadership skills need to be strengthened in a VUCA world?
  • How can we create a sustainable, innovative, and learning culture?

New perspectives from research can give us the answers. Motivated employees that assume responsibility and collaborate are some of the most important factors for sustainable, long-term growth and profitability in organisations. An increasing amount of studies from different research disciplines indicate that external motivation systems are losing power when it comes to complex and creative tasks meanwhile values and inner motivation become all the more important.

The question remains, how can management and HR contribute to the creation of a culture that makes use of the inner motivation of the employees and make them both understand and live the organizational values and goals. At Self Leaders, we have specialized ourselves in creating cultures where everyone sees themselves as a leader.

To lever these insights, we have together with our partnering companies, developed a set of digital tools to help leaders and co-workers develop. For real.

Workshop Agenda

  • Preparation – Digital values reflection (~10 minutes) in Self Leaders’ tool, Valuestree.
  • Theory – Creating an understanding for the new research insights on motivation and everyday application.
  • Exercises – Try new tools and angles to be used in leadership development to strengthen culture.
  • Tips and Tricks – Get concrete tools to apply and use in your organization.

The amount of spots are limited to a maximum of two people per company and is directed toward senior HR professionals at organizations with at least 50 employees.