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We believe in radical trust and responsibility.

Main office
Gamla Brogatan 17
111 20 Stockholm

Mail & Phone
+46–8–559 233 40

Core Team

till hemsidan

Alexander Dryselius

Facilitator & Project Leader
+46–70–950 07 63

Student of Industrial Engineering and Management with a conviction against stress and mental illness. His philosophy is that everything fun is something worth pursuing. To discover what fun is, the only mean available is introspection. Important values: Cooperation, Enthusiasm, Inspire


Anja Jensen

Facilitator & Project Leader
+46–70–898 55 39

Sporting a background in sports and performance psychology, with a passion to motivate and empower women in leadership and creating new perspectives on health issues. Important values: Inspire, Meaning, Openness

team_ BitaYazdani

Bita Yazdani

Culture Strategist

Culture strategist with global experience in inspiring organizations to lead values-driven cultures and brands. Her multidisciplinary experience in business and culture strategy brings her clients a framework to bridge vision with action, the why with the how, and the business plan with the internal culture. Important values: Responsibility, Courage, Wisdom


Cecilia Olah

Structure Manager
+46–70–787 70 33

Has a degree in International Relations and History. Is passionate and intrigued to be part of an industry that helps businesses create long-term sustainable organizations with committed leaders. Important values: Simplicity, Joy, Effectiveness


Dick von Martens

Head of Client Services
+46–76–107 93 88

Passionate about supporting the development of sustainable and conscious organizations, where everyone knows to contribute and act proactively. Important values: Openness, Development, Vitality


Dominic von Martens

Head of Global Infrastructure

+46–70–236 87 57

Passionate for digital development and to create a difference in sustainability. Important values: Simplicity, Benevolence, Sustainability


Jan Artem Henriksson

Values Expert & Program Designer
+46–70–951 44 19

Focused on leadership development, systems thinking and cultural transformation. Board member of the Ekskäret Foundation, faculty at SSE Executive Education and lecturer at Harvard University. Important values: Authenticity, Holistic, Co-creation


Jonas Mandelstam

Facilitator & Project Leader

+46–73–565 28 43

Third year Bachelor student of Economics at Uppsala University. Has a great interest in human psychology and is passionate to encourage and inspire authenticity and change. Important values: Authenticity, Courage, Inspire

team_ JulijaBlomqvist

Julija Blomqvist

Facilitator & Project Leader
+46-70-243 83 45

Several years of experience in project management, leadership, sales and HR. Has a degree in International Marketing and an unofficial degree in positive thinking. Passionate about including other people, their perspectives and discovering people’s hidden potential. Important values: Perceptive, Inspire and Gratitude


Malin Edshage

Facilitator & Project Leader
+46–73–533 12 67

Several years of experience in organizational and leadership development. Passionate about sustainability for individuals, organisations and society. Important values: Appreciation, Meaning, Sustainability


Malin Rapp

Facilitator & Project Leader
+46–70–461 92 57

Degree in cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology and change management. Passionate about helping people find their glow, passion and inner drive. Important values: Passion, Development, Cooperation.


Mia Ekman

Facilitator & Project Leader
+46–70–846 34 53

Social anthropologist passionate about making people and organisations feel good and do well. Extensive experience in organizational and behavioural development plus an extra beating heart for digitisation of HR processes. Important values: Awareness, Explore, Community


Paula Torberntsson

Facilitator & Project Leader

+46-73-522 22 59

Background in HR, Learning, and Development with a passion for human development and growth. Strives to inspire and coach people and organizations in their self-leadership, well-being and sustainability in the long run.
Important values:
Courage, development, and sustainability


Sara Georgsson

Leadership- & Organizational Developer
+46-70-639 56 45

Strives to inspire and encourage people to live and make decisions alined with their personal values. In every aspect of life. Important values: Trust, Joy, Inspire

Extended Team


Caroline Stiernstedt Sahlborn



Several years of strategic and operational management experience from private, public and non- governmental organizations, assisting leaders and organizations for improved leadership to better handle complex challenges and transformation.
Important values: Joy, co-creation and development.


Fredrik Birath

Facilitator & Coach
+46–70–461 07 69

Coach at SelfLeaders Clarity Program. Has made a solid inner journey and carries a great interest in helping people to find direction and inner power. Important values: Humility, Lucidity, Joy.


Gabriella Grusell

+46-733-64 87 14

Licensed psychologist with several years of experience from occupational health, risk management and supporting development of individuals, teams and organizations. Focused on how to create a good fit between how human beings are designed and the way organizations operate.
Important values: Humor, Authenticity & Integrate.


Stefan Ekwall

+46–76–307 97 76

Truly passionate about unleashing the creative potential beyond sustainability – in people and society. Important values: Authenticity, Courage, Compassion, Presence.


Ulrika Tillberg Luckey

Facilitator & Project Leader

+46-70-211 02 22

Has several years of experience from leadership-, team- and organizational development, especially change management and transformations. Wholehearted focus on supporting dialogue and strengthening relations. Important values: Vulnerability, Authenticity, Co-creation


Pontus Liljefors

Project Leader, WePlanet

+46-70-554 28 47

Degree in sustainable systems engineering. Passionate about guiding people to lead a more meaningful life in synergy with peers and planet. Important values: Presence, Courage, Sustainability

Global Team


Jussi Rajala

Facilitator, Finland

+358 40 779 6461

Over 25 years of experience in various leadership positions. Inspired by developing high-performance organizational culture where engaged employees are the vital foundation. Important values: Honesty, Co-operation, Sustainability.


Minnariikka Rajala

Facilitator, Finland

+358 50 385 17 17

Solid experience in developing leadership culture for various clients. Passionate in creating development oriented organisational culture where everyone can feel motivated and able to utilize all his / her untapped potential. Important values: Openness, Respect, Co-creation.


Klara Sucher

Facilitator, Germany
+49 173 165 76 90

Loves to explore and uncover the potential within organizations and in society. Passionate about finding ways that work. Important values: Courage, Gratitude, Integration.


Hanno Burmester

Facilitator, Germany
+49 171 627 67 85

Focused on co-creating complex processes of transformation. Passionate about new work, self-organization and politics. Important values: Transformation, Trust, Independence.

Senior Advisors


Annika Bergenheim

Society for Organizational Learning

Bo Rex


Eva Frössén

Chefsnätverket Close

Fredrik Palmgren


Mats Eklund


Stefan Krook


Tomas Björkman

Stiftelsen Ekskäret

We always look for engaged and brilliant people. Open applications are welcome and a frequent way to start working with us. Send your CV and a few notes about yourself to For questions, contact us via email or call +46–76–107 93 88.