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We are a small core team in northern Europe with a large commitment: To offer self-leadership sessions to university students all over the world. Using our knowledge and best-practice along with your passion, we hope to make a difference. We have made it easy to get involved either at your home university or abroad in an exchange program.

At home

Are you a student and interested in bringing SelfLeadership to your home university? Become involved by signing up for a 2 hour experience session and see how you can enhance the lives and leadership of your fellow students.


Are you studying abroad and interested in spreading the practice of self-leadership to your partner university?  Become involved by signing up for a 2 hour experience session, gain access to tools and modules that you can pass forward, and take part in creating a network of global future leaders.

Step 1 / Experience

During our host training session you will get the opportunity to reflect upon and develop your own self-leadership.

You will also get a  training into how to host a 1 hour self-leadership session yourself as well as a deeper understanding  of how the initiative can be implemented at your university.

Since 2012 we have educated several hundred hosts refining a concept that gives you the tools and methods needed to be able to support your fellow students in their development. As a host you will become part of our global community with the united mission of developing leaders fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

Step 2 / Set in Motion

After your training, it’s time to put what you have learned into practice – this is when things start to get really exciting. Many previous students who have implemented self-leadership workshops have described it as the most rewarding project of their time at the university. One of the best ways of learning is truly to support others in their development.

Step 3 / Become a Facilitator

After having run at least 3 seminars as a SelfLeaders Academy host you are eligible to apply to become a facilitator.

And when you dive in we will be there to support you in every way we can. As a facilitator you will be able to access our toolkit of processes, methods and modules, facilitator-guides and bank of experience when it comes to facilitating others.

Stockholm School of Economics

In 2009, the journey to what is now SelfLeaders began. Our first skills course in self-leadership for a number of selected students at SSE became very popular with very high scores in official course evaluations. We have now held this course every term since then, also expanding to higher academic institutions worldwide.

In an interconnected and constantly changing world, many people today experience feelings of inadequacy, performance anxiety and resignation. There is a desire for positive personal change and societal impact, however sometimes the awareness, concrete tools and network for co-creation are not available.


Over the years, we have learned what it takes to create the conditions for leaders to lead with a clear purpose, a passionate heart and a strong ability to navigate in high complexity – working with top universities and companies worldwide, such as Harvard U, Cambridge, Spotify and Telia Company. The course is based in research, experience-based and uses a proven methodology for both personal reflection and co-creation. It is designed to provide long-term value in studies, career, life in general and lay the foundation for engagement in communities and society.

By far the most rewarding course I have taken at SSE.
– Previous participant

Do you know what is truly important in your life? Do you have a clear purpose and direction? Would you like to have more clarity to better lead yourself and others?


In order to make wise priorities, handle uncertainty and be able to better cooperate with others, new research shows that clarity about personal values and purpose is core.


The Self-leadership 881 skills course is offered to a selected group of SSE students and participants from our partner organizations to explore what truly matters to you, define your purpose and develop skills to better navigate through life and career. The course is experience- oriented and based on the latest research in developmental and motivational psychology.


Simply put: To lead in the world, you must first know yourself.

Average evaluation rating 2011-2016: 9.2/10

Available Courses


We offer two courses: Self-Leadership 881 in Swedish (October 31st 2019 – January 22nd 2020) and Self-Leadership 882 in English. Both courses are available to bachelor or master students at SSE. The last day to apply is on the 13th of March.

How To Apply


Send a personal letter in Swedish or English to, where you motivate why you want to take the course. Please specify which course you apply for, or both. Remember to enclose your contact information. We will notify of acceptance.



For questions regarding the application, please contact at SSE. For questions regarding the course content, please contact We look forward to your application.